Reviews of clients who have rented with Nodes25

(Text Mr. Logan)


Dear Nodes 25 friends, thanks a lot for your friendly and honesty, in our last trip to know Norway and Sweden was very important your assistance about the toll pays on this countries because we don’t know it and fortunately when we inform you our trip inmmediately you show us the correctly way to do it.


Also many thanks to show us the correctly way to install the chaines for snow and your support with the warnings when we will cross the Oresundsbron bridge who connect by the sea Sweden and Denmark. By your experience we can drive your motorhome safety, your recommendation about the extreme wind also with rain. We cross the bridge slowly knowling that our motorhome, Nodesfamily, will be great and safe.

Thanks a lot, we will repeat probably the experience whti Nodes 25 on summer, we hope it.