On the last months in Spain there are many momments about the “Emptied Rural Spain” but really there are many beatifull villages, unknown corners, dazzling landscapes and very nice people to visit they in Motorhome.

on the map the more intensity in blue colour has the more higher lost of original citizens

Now only is necessary to take the map and to go in our Motorhome to discover this wonderfull places who hide inside this “Empty Rural Spain”, more than this the true is this provinces has the more low number of citizens by square kilometer but has some of the more beatifull villages of Spain, many of them also has the calification of historical set.

On actuallity the provinces with less citizens are: Soria, Teruel, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Segovia, Ávila, Zamora, Huesca, Asturias … All of this provinces has villages and peoples who will be receive the tourist who go in Motorhome, villages wiht a very good history and beautiful heritage.

Many of this villages must to closed shops and local bussiness who are working from decades but they would like to continue living and for this is necessary the reception of visitors who help they to continue with their lives. In all of thi9s villages there are official tourism office normally.

For this all people who has Motorhomes can to help this situation because the people who has Motorhome are very special, the caravaning world is special, please remember that if you have not Motorhome you can rent one of this vehicles, any weekend or short days in hollidays is possible to rent a Motorhome whitouth longer distances and visit and discover beautifull villages with charm.

Spain in Motorhome

Here there are some exaimples to go in Motorhome:



Now I can tlak about Pastrana in Guadalajara province, it’s possible to go without any problem in Motorhome and to stop in some one of the parkings whohas this district, on the old grain silo, on the road with direct Access to the center of the village, on the exit or others; for the moment there are not one special parking exclusivelly for Motorhomes buta ll are received with pleasure but is necessary the respect witht the environment.

The famous writer “Camilo José Cela” on their trip for the Alcarria zone says:

“On the next mornng when the traveller see the “Plaza de la Hora” (Hour Square) and entry inside the village to use it in Pastrana, the first sensation who come was to fin done historic medieval city, a bigger medieval city”.

We invite you to discover this beautifull village throught their paved streets, there are many things  to see. The “Palacio Ducal” (Ducal Palace) where the first Saturdays of each month there are theatricalized visits promote by the own citizens of the villages, the actors are the same population who live in Pastrana. Also the Collegiate of Pastrana, the hangings and tapestry musseun, the San Jose Convent founded by “Santa Teresa de Jesus”, several fonts, nobility houses and much more.

Theatre scene inside the “Palacio Ducal” form the theatrizaled team
flemish hanging on the Museum of Pastrana
the clothes are maked by the population of Pastrana

The village is converted in one musseun, walking by their streets you can fin done Judish Sinagoge, Water Fonts from the XVI century, walls, arcs, palaces, the house of the old inquisition, the house of the Calatravo Gentleman, also the house where “Moratin” wroted the book “El si de las niñas” (The yes of the girls).

Here is the link where you can find all tourist information and interesting information for your visit to Pastrana who now is one of the most wonderful destination in Spain

The last year, coincidence with the apiarian fair exhibition in Pastrana, our enterprise Nodes 25 was whit two Motorhomes in exhibition. Who knows if any day this villages of the Rural Emptied Spain ge tus a surprise witht one normal Fair Exhibition with more Motorhomes. Only for their landscapes justified the visit.