La Roche en Ardennes

Text and Photos of our client Mr. Collins

With our Motorhome Nodesfamily go to other important stage for the landscapes and the other things that we funded, we are talking about the city La Roche en Ardennes that also has one good museum about the !!Wold War but with some special things like the Enigma machine used to encode the messages between the germans, specially on the battles of the North Atlantic See who cause many problems to the allies.


On the pictures you can see also one really american Sherman used on the II World War with is “parked” in one of the viewpoints of this city.

In Belgium is oblied to make one meal with mussels and chip potatoes, one clasicc of their gastronomie with wine or beer depending your preferences.

We have a little problem with the fridge who dont work but with the luck that in contact with the Nodes 25 team inmediatelly checked all by phone and after to check all they solve the problem caused by us pressing one general button without intention. Five minutes and all perfectly to continue our trip.